Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mix tape


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Corrupted Souls 2014

Since the formation of Corrupted Souls, new faces have on the music scene have come to light who have orignated from the early stages of the Corrupted Souls movement.

Acts such as Flash Jordan and Gilly Van Roon have been signed up to independent records labels, whilst the formation of 'FUK', a rap/ Hip Hop group which stands for ' France - United - Kingdom' has also been formed. FUK have broken away from Corrupted Souls to form their own movement, but are still heavily connected.

Tracks are recorded through Educated Records and UKKebabs Productions.
Since the formation of FUK, Corrupted Souls is now solely fronted by UKKekabs Productions for its recorded and production work.

Since 2013 Corrupted Souls have been re-structering its own brand.

We're not just focusing on Hip Hop / Rap, but also Drum & Bass, Jungle and House music.
We have signed a full time musical engineer in Moletech Beats/ Productions to help produce our orignal House/ Drum and Bass tracks.

We're aiming to host parties/ events over 2014, so keep your eye out for us.

We have put together several Hip Hop mixtapes from 2010-2013 and they can be founds on this site to check out our older material.

For 2014, we aim to produce one new hard hitting combination album. The main genre concept will be Hip Hop/ Rap, but we will throw in some of our new Drum & Bass projetcs to give the overall sound quality an uplifting feel/ tempo.

We use this SoundCloud account to share our latest demo tracks whilst developing our sound as we continue on this musical journey.

We thank all our fans and anyone who takes their time to listen to our material. Any comments or feedback is much appreciated.

Please follow us on twitter to stay updated with the latest news:
@DangeMcTowel @UKKebabs @Moletechbeats @EducatedRecords


Dange McTowel: Founder of Corrupted Souls and director of UKKebabs Productions. Writer/ Recording and DJ.

Educated Proper: Founder of Corrupted Souls and director of Educated Records. Writer/ Recording and live instruments.

Flash Jordan: MC/ Rapper

Moletech: Producer/ DJ and sound engineer

Gilly Van Roon: Live Instruments/ Performer/ Indepedent Artist
I would also like to take this oppurtunity to ask you guys to check out some of our other associated acts coming through the system. Please check out Itch from Limelight Recordings and Billy Stone, an up and coming Rapper from London as well as keeping your eye out for FUK who are looking to release their debut album this summer.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ocean full of Novacane (Clipse Grinding Remix)

Ocean full of Novacane (Clipse Grinding Remix) featuring Flash Jordan and Dange McTowel

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Purple Tulisa featuring Flash Jordan and Dange McTowel. Corrupted Souls, follow us on Twitter @UKKebabs

Friday, 13 January 2012

Welcome to 2012: Corrupted Souls and F.U.K. Update

Happy New Year people, anyone who is reading this blog I hope you have a successful and prosperous year. I'm writing this article to give you an insight with regards to the productions and development of Corrupted souls and the F.U.K. movement. There is always progressive movements going on within the fire camp of Educated Records so I'm going to bring you the low down as to where we are heading this year.
First of all I want to make things clear on the position of Corrupted Souls and F.U.K.  Corrupted Souls is something unique created by Dange McTowel and Educated Proper and is something that cannot be changed or altered. Corrupted Souls is an original crew, so whatever work myself and Alex produce personally will be on behalf of Corrupted Souls.
So what exactly is going on with the F.U.K. movement? F.U.K. is a new entity consisting of main members Rascal, Hi-Lo, Dange McTowel, Educated Proper, The Great G Note and Flash Jordon. F.U.K. is like the Super Group which has more variety, simply as there are more inputting influences within the group.
Any albums to drop this year? The first official album of Corrupted Souls, Cheese and Toastings, will be getting launched within the next few months. Its almost complete, just making the final few touches to it at the moment. There is also an exclusive Corrupted Souls 2011 unreleased mixtape showing the progression and build up to the first official album, but this will remain secret until a later date in the future when we are successful. Once the Cheese and Toasting album is ready, Educated Proper and Dange McTowel will work on developments within the record label to promote the album, as well as working on our second official album as Hip Hop is non stop, and we are always producing and focusing on new material.
The F.U.K. movement are also working on the first official album and are also looking to perform live sets this year. Whilst developing and producing work on behalf of Corrupted Souls, Dange and EP are also at the same time working on the F.U.K. album which promises to bring an ultimate sound of rap music expressing views and opinions from London to France to Belgium. There are plans for Rascal and Hi-Lo to come and visit the UK within the next couple of months and for Educated Proper and Dange McTowel to visit France around March time to work in a professional studio and also attend live Hip Hop gigs around Europe.
Considering we only officially formed Corrupted Souls in April 2011, we have since made significant developments and 2012 is going to be another progressive year. Our sound is becoming more unique bringing across a flavour of old school Hip Hop and easy listening. You can instantly download tracks for free from our Sound Cloud site, so please check it out when you get the chance. There are also links to some of our tracks on the BlogSpot site which were uploaded in December 2012. I will constantly be updating new tracks to Sound Cloud, as it gives a better audio experience than YouTube.
I will also be developing the YouTube account and will progressively remove the songs from the account and replace them with live sets, recordings and interviews. The YouTube account will bring more of a visual effect and will show behind the scenes footage of the crew in Action. We will also be taking our time with the video production now and will release official videos on YouTube and through our official website when its launched.
So to conclude matters, 2012 should bring the following:
1) Corrupted Souls: Cheese and Toastings album
2) F.U.K. album
3) Official websites for Educated Records, Corrupted Souls and F.U.K.
4) Launch of albums on iTunes and other online music providers
5) Artwork, Merchandise and a clothing brand, once the music has been developed
6) Development of Wet Hot Media Productions (Which will replace UKKebabs Productions as the Media production resource. More info to come on this, but Wet Hot Productions plans to offer services such as website design, social media development and graphic design) This will be developed more at a later date.
I would like to thank you for reading this blog and if you have any feedback I would be grateful to here back from you.
The next couple of months will be a transitional period where our social media sites will be constantly getting updated, as well as the launch of the official website which will connect all the social media together and the brand as a whole will become more identifiable.
Peace out.
Daniel Golding
Educated Records Director

Email:           corruptedsouls@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter:         @EducatedRecords
Blog:           http://corrupted-souls.blogspot.com/

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Corrupted Souls

Corrupted Souls European Hip Hop group based in London who formed in 2011. The group was formed by main members Educated Proper and Dange McTowel and have also bred new members including iBear, Flash Jordan, Ratamunjy to name a few as well as many associate members.

The Movement has just started and is rapidly growing. Our aim is too have two quality produced mixtapes for the start of January 2012 and to make them available on iTunes, as well as the launch of our official website.

There are plans in production to run a joining TV Internet Station to demonstrate our script writing and acting abilities to be launched in 2012 along with the everlasting Musical development of Corrupted Souls.

Please check out our youtube page which is http://youtube.com/user/ukkebabs

or search Corrupted Souls

on behalf of UKKebabs Productions, Educated Records & Corrupted Souls